A Place for you

Before and After Service

After being greeted and welcomed from the parking lot to the front entrance, please stop by our Guest Central Gazebo, indicated by the banner. There you can ask any questions you have to our trained and enthusiastic greeters. 

Stop by our cafe for a bite to eat or for some coffee before or after service. Make sure that you get your first cup free on us!

Take a seat in the lobby and relax or find a seat inside the main worship center if early. We're glad you are with us!

Our Worship

Our services are guest-friendly - meaning we do everything to make sure you feel at home and not out of place. 

Our music style is contemporary with a blend of new worship songs and remade traditional pieces. We value all music traditions and all generations. Looking to the future, we intentionally build our services around the next generation. 

Every Sunday we join together as followers of Jesus in taking communion to remember what He did for us on the cross. As directed in the Bible, we eat a piece of bread which represents the body of Jesus that was broken for us, and drink a cup of juice which represents the blood of Jesus that was shed for the forgiveness of our sins. As the tray is passed, you can take the emblems and hold them.  When you are ready to take them, you can do so on your own. If you are not a follower of Jesus or you do not want to participate, feel free to pass the tray on by without partaking. 

We also have an opportunity to worship God through our tithes and offerings every Sunday in service.  If you are a first time guest, please don't feel obligated to give.  What we would really like you to do is fill out a connection card with as much information as you feel comfortable providing and bring it by Guest Central for a free gift.  Or feel free to drop it in the offering bag or one of our offering boxes mounted on the wall.

Our services are approximately 65 minutes. 

Children and Students

Intentional age related programming occurs every service for our students and children from Nursery to High School. We'd highly encourage you to motivate your students to attend either our Junior High Service or High School service, and take a plunge and watch your children fall in love with Jesus in our Kids classes. 



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