Our Mission

To Love God, Love People and Serve Compassionately. 

We are a gathering of people trying to Love God, Love People and Serve Compassionately in every part of our lives. 

By promoting a radical inclusivity and a "come as you are" mentality, we have a hopeful expectation for people to come into contact with the God who saves.

Situated between Southeast of Los Angeles, County, Western San Bernardino and North Orange County, we feel a special calling to reach our diverse community and surrounding area with the love of God and the hope of Jesus, who has the power to change and direct all lives. We are also called internationally, serving alongside fellow believers in Asia and Africa. 


God is bigger and better than you can imagine.

Jesus is God showing himself to us.

The Holy Spirit is God living in and through us now.

Revelation - The Bible is God's never-failing guidebook for life.

Creation - Nothing "just happened".  God created it all.

Salvation - Grace is the only way to have a relationship with God, freely given and undeserved.

Sanctification - God's will for us is to grow to Christlikeness.

Good and Evil - God has allowed evil to provide a choice.  God can bring good even out of evil events.

The Afterlife - Death is not the end but the beginning.  Heaven and hell are real places.

The Church is the only true world "superpower".  It will last forever. Made up of Jesus and his friends. 

Prayer can do anything God can do.

Baptism by immersion is us following Christ in death and in the newness of life. 

Second Coming - Jesus is coming again to judge the world and gather his children.

Sold out to God - God is our highest value and our dear Father in heaven

Radically Inclusive - .all people matter to God and they matter to us

Practical Common-Sense messages - Practical help for daily life

Flexible in Style and Program - we are open to change in style and program

We Expect Commitment - We grow by our commitments

Integrity in Every Area of Life - accountable to you and trustworthy to God

Structured for the Ministry of all God's People - There is a place for every one

Non-arrogance/personal respect - We don't tell you how to vote or put you in a box